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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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1. who is your target market – if you sell to everyone, you get no one

2. why should anyone choose you over your competition or do nothing at all? How do you communicate this?

3. What do you do to lower the barrier of entry. free quote is given by everyone. do you offer a free report or video on how to choose an electrical contractor and what to look out for to avoid getting ripped off?

4. advertising doesnt work unless you have a strategy. just having a logo, your number and stuff that everyone else says and do wont get u calls.

you need to differentiate yourself and at first point, collect contact details, most people take time to make a decision and that’s where the real money is because most businesses dont have an automated follow up system so they give up after 3 follow up.

when u do follow up, make sure it’s about them and not u. people realise when you are have their interests at heart or yours.