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Dovelle, post: 87552 wrote:
Thanks for all your input, I’ve got my web developer in action to help improve on the SEO side of things to get me higher on the searches.

Not all web developers understand how to rank on Google (or even how to do keyword research).

I just had a look at your website and on your home page i found this;

Url: http://dovelle.com/
Title: Dovelle Projects – Prompt, Professional & Reliable 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Services in Canberra
Meta keywords:
Meta description:

While Keywords aren’t an issue your description is. If your web developer doesn’t know why this is important then you should get someone else to do your SEO for you. It will be most important for your business to do thorough keyword research on ‘BUYING’ phrases, not research phrases also – otherwise you’ll rank for keywords after months and find it didn’t affect your sales.

For example, don’t both with ‘Structured Cabling Systems’ as most renovators won’t use that language – but ‘smart wiring company canberra’ might be less searches, less competitive but bring far better conversions.

Aside from the above, i’d recommend direct mail – use sendoutcards.com as it’s cheap and you can get a list of rate payers from your local council. Send out 50 or so cards and three days later follow up with a phone call. Since you’re in the industry i’d suggest also adding security and intercom systems to your portfolio as you’ll have more ways to upsell to existing home owners.

Hope that helps!