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Local paper definitely. When we shifted to our new location that’s what we used to find local tradies to do things for us.

BNI – I also second that recommendation. I joined in my area April last year. I got bits and pieces of work through that time which did cover my joining fees but suddenly this year I picked up a new and regular client through a referral at BNI and he covers my annual BNI fee every single month. I’m now picking up quite a bit of other work.

For you – your power partners in business would also include commercial and domestic real estate. You’ll often find these categories covered at your local BNI chapter and they’ll be focused on referring work to you as a member of their chapter. At our chapter we also have a mortgage broker, property investment company and solicitor/conveyancer. All of these people would be dealing with your target market. So it’s these people you also need to make contact with.