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This is one website that doesn’t need a peer review! It is really fantastic.

Would I buy from it? Absolutely!

However much you spent, it was worth it. The site is really fast, and most importantly very intuitive to use.

Design = 10/10
Usability = 10/10
Perceived Credibility = 10/10 –> this is one of my personal benchmarks, people judge a business by its website, a dodgy looking website will lose sales.

The only thing I would like to see is someones name. You don’t have a store location, only a PO box and the Contact Us is all generic.

The About Us doesn’t actually tell me anything about YOU. It’s just more sales information about your brands.

The information buried in your history page should be at the start of your About Us -> http://www.wholesale.com.au/about-us/history