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John C.
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flower-child, post: 87218 wrote:
Our stocktake report has imported all the prices with inverted commas, meaning we can’t multiply the number of items against the price.

eg “$24.99”

does anyone have a way I can take away the inverted commas and clean this up?

Pleeease :)

there are over 1000 products, so manually is not an option.

You should be able to do that easily using the Find and Replace feature in Excel:

  1. Make a copy of your spreadsheet in case things go wrong!
  2. Highlight the column that has the unwanted characters
  3. Click on “Edit | Replace”
  4. In “Find What” enter an inverted comma (quotation mark?)
  5. In “Replace with” leave blank or enter a space
  6. Click on “Replace all”

Good luck.