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Here’s the direct link – EDIT: Received necessary feedback, will make the required changes, thanks for the honesty guys.

To address your concerns, quote, “I may be wrong, but if this is just an attempt to get us to ‘like’ your page, it might not work. “

Well no, I want you to review my fan page for a reason. Yes, you have to naturally ‘like’ it to see the fan-gateway. However, in other words I want people to review the marketing communication funnel – My target market is business owners, so I want business owners opinion (that’s how market research works). Toys R Us don’t go out and do market research/review/feedback with middle aged men, they do it with their target market, so that’s why I’m here asking my target market for a review/feedback.

I’m not forcing anyone to like my page. I’m asking if you would please be able to do it. I’m more than happy for people to like my page, give me feedback and then unlike my page.

It’s like making an issue/fuss over a case where a forum user asks for a website review and then a reviewer must go to a website and read their business’ marketing and sales copy. Well yes, it’s a review of their sales process – the same of which is the case with my Facebook Page – it’s a sales/marketing process.

Finally, it’s $67 because everything has a value and that’s what I sell the product at as an up-sell.

Hope that clears it up :)