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I downloaded your pdf direct … the information is ok but I would present it slightly differently by including a Contents/Index page – dividing into chapters with each chapter beginning on a new page.

I would put the Legal/Copyright page at the end, seeing it is a web document. List them in the Contents/Index.

Perhaps you could put on page 2 something simple like,

“If you want to read the boring legal stuff, please go to page ‘x’.
Now, onto what you’ve been waiting for … the report!”

Have the photo of the ‘book’ you have in your ad on this page as a smaller graphic.

The document should also have the book cover by itself as the front page.

On your current page 27 you should begin a new page for your Conclusion ‘We hope you have found …’

and then clearly list your contact details as a indented paragraph line for line. Include your logo etc.

Hope this all helps.

Just something to remember – one of the rules of good typography is that headings can be sans-serif, and body text serif (with curly bits). However, you have reversed them. The reason body text is recommended to be a serif font in long documents is for readability.

On web pages it is recommended to use fonts like Verdana, Trebuchet etc because they were designed for the web for readability. But in print documents, including pdfs that would be printed, it is much easier to comprehend if in a serif font for body text.