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Hey Carrie,

Flying Solo community members feedback is always kind! :)

The logo is a tree.

The logo doesn’t mean anything by itself, it needs to have some meaning to people that have no idea of your business. I fear you may be ‘too close’ to your business and not viewing it from a total stranger.

On a technical note, the leaves might not print well when comnpressed down to a small image, faxed or photocopied.

If a tree was part of a bigger logo it would make more sense. Like these:




It might be a good idea to present a scope to a website like 99designs.com.au or logosauce.com. You start a competition for say $200 (i think its the minimum) , present your scope and designers from all around the world submit designs. You could end up with a really professional design. You can view other projects on those sites to see the quality of some of the submissions.