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Thanks so much for your feedback, its very much appreciated.

I should have rephrased it to say, please be gentle. The concept we have so far is a little close to the heart, so would be a disappointed had others thought we were not on the right path.

I’m a complete marketing newbie so have no idea regarding the technicalities of these things. So maybe I’m not asking the write questions?

I want the design to be included on our correspondence, our website down the track etc. I would have suspected that these would likely have our name included and therefore a logo would not require these things.

I can see your point though ITAdvocate about the need to have some sort of connection if the logo was all that was being displayed. From what your getting at it appears we need to work on a tag line, I have one in mind already. I could really see this type of logo working well on the side of our truck, or if we were advertising to others, but not so much for invoices, correspondence and things.

Also thanks for the thoughts regarding the leaves, I had not thought about that. I just simply made the picture smaller so it would fit as an attachement.

You have both at least given me some food for thought, this will give me a bit more direction, when I present this to the designer/marketing/communications person we decided to work with.