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Hi there,

Also check out Innovic, who are a not for profit organisation set up to help inventors and innovators – some great resources there (including a template for NDA/Confidentiality agreement); seminars and ‘flow charts’ that help figure out the steps to get your ‘idea’ through to a commercially viable product etc.

From the patent perspective (this is for information purposes only and is not legal advice) – Australia has a provisional patent, which can be filed to basically get your name and invention details in the system and given a priority date so that there’s a record that as of X date you had invented X product/device etc. (See the IP Australia link in yourvirtualboards’ earlier post); having this filed will help ensure that you are ‘safe’ to contact others to have them assist in design and engineering of your device etc. As you will read at the IP Australia website, it’s strongly recommended that you seek the advice of patent attorneys rather than file your own patent applications.

Good Luck!