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Hi Simon and Joy,

Thanks so much for your very kind comments. It was my pleasure to assist you and I am pleased that the lease was finalised on terms which you were happy with. I look forward to working with you again soon.

As for issues to look out for, as I’m sure all will appreciate, each lease turns on its own facts. As a matter of course, lessees (i.e. the tenant) should ascertain whether the lease is in a standard form and, if so, look at the special conditions which tend to impact on the otherwise standard lease terms. If the lease is not in a standard form, then it is especially important to take advice concerning the lease. Schedules are important and very often contain the key information, and it is therefore important to check these for accuracy. If a disclosure statement is provided (as it must be for certain leases), it is important to understand the information contained within that document.

An overriding benefit of engaging a solicitor to assist with lease documents is that the solicitor will (or should) draw your attention to key lease terms and concepts. An example would be the practical significance of a ‘make-good’ clause, and the potential liability associated with an ‘indemnity’.

Finally, the costs associated with engaging a lawyer to review a lease might be cheaper than many people think, and very often very small relative to the financial committment which the lease represents.

I’m certainly happy to take any enquiries at [email protected].

Best regards,