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John C.
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@HeatherSmithAU, post: 87448 wrote:
Do all MAC users have MS Entourage?

Remember this is a client not me & he has told me he has Outlook for MAC.

Hi Heather,

The following is an extract from the MYOB support forums, where they suggest that Mac Mail is the only supported mail client on the Mac platform:

Is my software compatible with my email program?


MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) is a Windows program protocol that allows you to send an email from within a Windows application, such as your accounting software. Any MAPI compliant email program is suitable for taking advantage of the automated email function.

Some MAPI compliant email programs include:

Microsoft Outlook (97 and later) – Note: Outlook 2010 64-bit version is not currently compatible with MYOB accounting software.

Netscape Messenger (v4 and later)

Outlook Express (v4 and later)

Qualcomm’s Eudora (all versions)

Pegasus Mail (v3 and later)

Note: Refer to your email program help and support documentation or contact the software vendor to determine if your email program is MAPI compliant.


The only supported email program is Mac Mail. Entourage and Outlook are not supported by MYOB accounting software on a Macintosh.

Here’s the link to the original page.

I don’t use MYOB on my Mac, but do use the Mac Mail program quite happily in preference to Outlook or Entourage for most other purposes. If your customer is reluctant to switch over to Mac Mail for all of their day-to-day email activities, they could run it side-by-side with Outlook quite happily, depending on what sort of mail server they are using.

Hope that helps.