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John C.
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KarenC, post: 87505 wrote:
re The only supported email program is Mac Mail. Entourage and Outlook are not supported by MYOB accounting software on a Macintosh.

I have used MS Entourage for a couple of years without any problems with MYOB Account Edge. Considering all it is doing is sending to your installed email default program I can’t see why it would make any difference. And it is MAPI compliant.

Maybe your client hasn’t made Outlook or Entourage their default mail program on their Mac?



Outlook 2011 is known not to work with MYOB products even though Entourage did work previously (even if MYOB doesn’t officially support it), because Microsoft changed the way that Outlook 2011 handles mail on a MAC and MYOB hasn’t reprogrammed to accomodate the changes.

FYI – MAPI only applies to Microsoft Windows computers… on a Mac they use Apple Script to achieve the same things but in very different ways.

Making Outlook 2011 on a MAC the default mail program will break MYOB mail functionality until MYOB and or Microsoft change their respective programs. Let’s hope they do this soon… it’s been several months now, so I wouldn’t count on it.

If your customer has Entourage installed from a previous version of MS Office, then do make that the default mail client as Karen suggests, otherwise follow the same procedures to make Apple Mail the default mail client (after you configure it).

You could probably try other mail clients as well if Apple Mail is unsuitable for whatever reason – Thunderbird and Sparrow both come to mind although I haven’t tried either with MYOB.

The alternative is to print to PDF and then send as attachments from Outlook – it’s one extra step, but not too onerous.