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I’d be concerned about:

1. Any activities that run up link numbers too quickly.
2. Publishing content on other sites in preference to your own.
3. “Quality” blogs – what do you mean?
4. Web 2 links – what do you mean?
5. Are we talking about “links” and “citations” here? I don’t think “citations” are creating much effect on SE rankings.

If your intention is to obtain top point scoring links for specific search words, I don’t think you can achieve that with an automated process.

You may have trouble identifying and posting “follow” links with specific link text on blogs that give you good and sustained link scores.

What web 2 links do you mean – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter? If so, I think they will probably be almost meaningless in link value.

I’d love to know the range of possible values associated with all the parameters used in Google’s links scoring algorithm. Some years ago I read a study that came up with a range of 1 – 100. That must be so underestimated these days.

With all the user generated content, scraper programs and other ways of mass publishing content, I’d guess that Google would be continuously cranking up the link value potential number as a way of controlling good search results.

The bottom line is, if there is a simple way to “game” the SE results, the SEs will block it off.