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@John Sheppard – This is the easiest way I know of :)

– I’m quite interested in what you have to say, so are you saying I shouldn’t interlink i.e from a Hubpage, youtube video, article etc & vice versa. To better illustrate:

I should not link article A to article B & then link article B back to article A ? I wasn’t going to do this anyway as I would like there to be an upward pyramid structure starting with articles.

Are you saying before I implement the pyramid strategy I should make sure the content being linked to provocative, etc & having genuine links from geunine authority sites within the niche, then maybe two weeks later use the pyramid strategy, slowly ?

In regards to non-spammy, I was deffinetly looking at getting geuine youtube videos, FB pages, etc & have them done professionally. After this I was going to juice them up.

With using wordpress blogs – what do you think of blog posts on auto-pilot ? It this good enough for providing information on a daily/weekly basis that will help google see the website as active & authoritative ?

– 1. I’ll surely be creating links, likes, etc at a gradual pace.
2. There will be content published on the money & buffer site on a consistent basis, still a problem ?
3. Authoritative blogs mainly web 2.0s like hubpages, etc.
4. http://web2magazine.blogspot.com/2007/01/thanks-for-web-2.html
5. We’re talking about links which people click

Anyway thanks for your insight JohnW but google is not a goddess.

– I’ve read & learnt alot from you personally so thanks for commenting, could you let me know the different between guest posts & comments, also how do people of your stature ask for a link or article space on authoritative sites in the niche ?

“SEO’s are now starting to treat their own blog networks and guest posts (on other blogs) as part of the inner tier”. – I didn’t even think of having blogs running external to the buffer or main site so thank you for this :D

With link wheels – I assume this is when different links from different sites end up indirectly re-connecting. I was thinking of having the pyramid go from the bottom articles etc, straight to the top, hence no links going back down the pyramid & no links connecting like this: Site A link to Site B which link to Site C which link to A (big no no right ?)

I deffinetly want to do this right so I can just replicate the methods across a range of different products.

Thanks for the responses & do keep them coming!

I love learning seo so let’s share ideas, etc :D