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JohnW, post: 87581 wrote:
Hi Combo,
Google’s no goddess, she’s a slave driver!

I’m first to admit I’m in an area of completely subjective opinion, not facts with this thread.

It’s gratifying to read Aidan’s experience as it seems to support my “gut feel”.

There is also a thread started by Gab about G’s transience in reflecting SEO activity which, knowing Gab’s SEO tactics, could have echoes of this discussion. (http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums/search-engines-etc/15349-let-google-breath-seriously.html).

What I think this is boiling down to is how do you get the biggest SE ranking bang for your buck with various link building strategies.

No simple answer offered.

It may boil down to your level of creativity.

Opinion, not fact:
I’m sceptical of the value of links from sites like Hubpages, Squidoo and other web 2 sites. You can use SEO tools that tell you that sites like these have huge page or domain values but that is complete garbage in terms of link value (that’s a fact).

I use a simpler tool, I ask Google. G tells me it has indexed 2 mill. Hubpages pages. It also tells me Hubpages have 40,000 pages that contain the word “loans” – as a max. 2% of this site is about “loans”.

By this assessment, Hubpages have very little to do with the topic of “loans” therefore on average, SEs won’t give links from it a high value for search terms that include “loans”.

I know this is over-simplistic but if you are using one of the countless SEO tools, my “average” method is no more simplistic than their “average” methods.

My opinion is that Aidan nailed it with:

“Of course all those backlinks (and their backlinks in turn) could be replaced with a few good solid ones if you had access to them – could save about 3 tons of work!”

If you put the effort into developing unique and compelling content on your own site that other people will then want to link to and promote on their sites, I think you will achieve a bigger bang for your buck than spinning articles, chasing web 2 links, etc.

To achieve this, think outside the square.

Try Flying Solo as an example. It does not need to chase all the SEO tactics you discuss here. It gets its “authority” and SE referrals because it has Forums that people want to read and link to. We’ve created most of the 125,000 web pages for them.

All this free content we generate is creating the majority of the traffic to the Flying Solo site. Aren’t we good to them?


I must admit you’ve provided some very wise & valuable info. I do believe the pyramid structure can be powerful & I will implement it though I do believe it depends on the niche & how competitor’ sites have been optimized.

With the forum idea I thought of this a long time ago but you deffinetly nailed how powerful it can be.

I understand where you’re coming from in regards to quality over quantity but I’ve read that what remains precedent is whether people actually click the link & view the end page or not.

Google mainly cares if people who click on the link find the link’s destination of interest e.g time spent on page, pages viewed, etc.

Assuming a visitor clicks from a relevant hubpage & another clicks from a small niche forum & keeping all factors such as time spent on page, etc the same – Big G would boost the site’s authority mainly because of the hubpage’s authority status compared to the small niche forum, your thoughts ?

Also if let’s say big G prefers the small niche forum – How can we efficiently get 1000’s of placements on relevant small niche forums ? Ask each & every one of them & offer money ? (too expensive & efficient from how I see it).

Is there another way to juice niche websites without the use of articles yet keep it as efficient as possible ?

I believe the mass article submission, etc if done right can be good as long as it remain under a certain % of all the incoming links – hence diversification, I believe is the key.

If I’m missing any piece to the puzzle or if there’s other things that can be done which I’m not aware of please – let us discuss.

Kind regards.