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@Combo – one popular method is to offer your services to the sites you want links from, sometimes in the form of a guest post that is relevant to their audience but it could be offering to do something else that benefits their site.

As others have mentioned, its great to get links that come naturally because you have something of real value on your site. At the moment infographics and other graphically presented analysis seem to be particularly popular.

As an aside, it might surprise some readers of the thread to know there are many SEO’s unashamedly offering to buy links, prices offered range from about $80 and up to many times that, depending on how authoritive the linking site is to the buyer.

I’m not condoning buying links but some big brand companies do it succesfully via their SEO consultants!

There are many flavours of ‘link wheels’ including the closed loop type you mention and the open chain types. Some swear by them but personally after my experience with them, I’d be really reluctant to create any obvious pattern in any link building efforts…

I agree with John W that those links that can be obtained by anybody are likely to be of lesser value, so there are some caveats to using 2.0’s, chiefly, you need to get enough credibility to be give a followed link for starters.

I would not however dismiss them as poor links because the whole domain was not devoted to one topic. I believe G rates and ranks webpages more than it rates websites. Certainly one sees those 2.0 pages rank well for fairly competitive keywords where the content is actually good and the page has some decent backlinks.

To my mind, if Google ranks a page highly for your target keyword (or a closely related keyword), even if in another country, then it is a great page to get a link from – it must be as G already rates it!

I’ve also seen some cases of fairly nondescript sites do well just because they got a link from a newspaper site and newspaper sites are also mixed topics like the web 2.0 sites.

@agentlocal – it depends what you mean by ‘spinning’. If you are looking to spread some content around in order to create traffic and links to your site then why not use different versions of the same article? It is going to be much more effective than simply copying the same article ad nauseum around the different host sites. Well re-written content is better for the site it is posted at too so you would be doing the host site a favour (thereby indirectly increasing your own benefit).

Its all very well to say create great content only for your own site but how is anyone then going to see it? Great content still needs promotion and that promotion can be legitimately raised by posting lesser detailed versions of your great piece at other sites. Well spun articles are not crap at all!

I think maybe there is too much negative pre-conception of the term ‘spinning’, probably associated with the poor quality stuff we see so much of from overseas operators. Done carefully it can be very effective and completely legitimate imho.