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..so maybe a review & a do-follow link then 2 weeks after they do the same for you, accidentally their do-follow link gets deleted – of course I am kidding.

Since these are products I’m selling it becomes hard to “service” them but maybe I can just give them the product for free assuming they pay postage & handling which covers the marginal cost – I’ll give it a go within the next few weeks.

I’m not a fan of buying links since the authoritative website is most probably sending visitors via no-follow + I think money can be better spent especially since some sites I see do require a monthly fee of $75+ – Maybe when money doesn’t become an issue :)

What do you think of squidoo.com/sydney(keyword) linking to money or buffer site ? – Surely this has to have some decent value especially since it will have those infographics ;), unique content, traffic & at minimum ranked 3rd page if decent (mid competition).

Also what do you think of exact match domains linking to the money website ? For e.g seosydney.com.au + internetmarketing.com.au, etc all linking to gorilla.com.au – Are these very high quality links assuming the sites are on different I.P’s.

Yeah good point as to international links, that’s great to know thank you :)

With spinning you can even change the titles, images, links, amount of text, font structure. Furthermore adding links to other authoritative sites like wikipedia & other (keyword related) domains will make it hard for google to see whos website is trying to manipulate the google goddess itself lol

Regards & thanks for the contributions I’ve so far learnt some valuable info.