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DreamscanbeVisions, post: 87583 wrote:
Google mainly cares if people who click on the link find the link’s destination of interest e.g time spent on page, pages viewed, etc.

Assuming a visitor clicks from a relevant hubpage & another clicks from a small niche forum & keeping all factors such as time spent on page, etc the same – Big G would boost the site’s authority mainly because of the hubpage’s authority status compared to the small niche forum, your thoughts ?
I don’t believe G uses either the numbers of clicks through to a site or the time on site in its ranking algorithm.

On using click through rates:
Google has always denied that this is a part of their ranking algorithm.

Time on site:
G could only measure this for people logged in with a Google account or on sites with Analytics installed. I read a Jun 2011 articles that said Analytics was estimated to be used on 47% (I think) of sites. If G was using this in the algo, then the sites with Analytics installed would have worked their way to the top of the rankings – they haven’t.

Time on page is a very crude metric that will be influenced by so many factors that I can’t see it offering any relevance in a ranking algo. If you visit a site for the company’s phone number, it may be on every page or you may need to click around to find. If the phone rings while someone is on a site page, the metric is false. What about sites where people spend a lot of time on entertainment? We’d end up with all the top ranked sites being Facebook, gaming sites or videos.

Finally, If G did use an Analytics attribute in ranking sites then you can bet they would be hounded for predatory marketing tactics – like when the EU forced Microsoft to unbundle Internet Explorer from Windows. That’s why Firefox is the dominant browser over there but not here.

Domain authority:
I believe you will find that it is the value of the referring page that influences the link value. My understanding is that G does not assign a ranking value to a domain. It’s Home page will have one, of course.

I think you will find that terms like “domain authority” and “trust” are loose descriptions of a bunch of factors that help predict sites that are likely to contain useful pages.

I posted about this recently: http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/forums/sales-marketing/14787-does-facebook-earn-you-credibility-trustworthiness-4.html.