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Tony Pfitzner
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Aidan, post: 87608 wrote:
If you are looking to spread some content around in order to create traffic and links to your site then why not use different versions of the same article? It is going to be much more effective than simply copying the same article ad nauseum around the different host sites. Well re-written content is better for the site it is posted at too so you would be doing the host site a favour (thereby indirectly increasing your own benefit).
I totally agree with Aidan on this.
Spinning is SOOO.. 2010 ;) and real websites don’t need this crap.
Why not carefully and thoroughly research and develop a useful, interesting topic and create a base article that can be re-written and re-purposed for a number of platforms. You can then offer it to webmasters who have on-topic websites with decent Pagerank or whatever as an article, or produce a podcast or video. You could re-purpose the same info a number of times without losing quality.
If you can’t write, pay someone to do the article writing, then edit it yourself.