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Hi JohnW,

With all respect I do believe that billion dollar corporation such as google can see the time spent on a page, pages viewed, etc regardless of whether analytics is installed – assuming google has these sites indexed.

I’ve also read from an article in seo moz that everything google publicly states is not always congruent with their actions, obviously no company is going to share everything they do & don’t do.

I also think that a billion dollar corp like google will know the difference between a site such as youtube which is full of just videos & a website that is about a specific niche hence why I believe time spent is deffinetly a factor.

In regards to CTR I also think this has an impact since the ctr on an adwords ad & the ctr on organic results in the SE have an impact on quality assuming other on-page analytics are monitored such as time spent on page.

With domain authority I agree that the site must be of value to the it’s audience & just a poorly written blog with EMD won’t rank as well as an authoritative blog with no emd.

Facebook I don’t see as a great individual source for incoming links but it does provide good value (in my opinion) when used as apart of the seo strategy since it creates diversity.


I very much agree that spinning articles is garbage… when those article link directly to the money or buffer site. When these spun articles (half-decent) link instead to your professional youtube video or your facebook profile or hubpage or professional article on a relevant niche site then……. I see it as a good way to simply boost traffic to the web 2.0’s.

I just see this much easier than having 1000 unique articles from all over the place linking to web 2.0’s when you can have 1000 quickly done-up articles linking to the web 2.0’s. The main purpose here is to bring traffic to the web 2.0 which will in-turn click the link going to the buffer or money site, your thoughts ?

This is a great idea: Providing unique articles of your own to authoritative blogs, etc in the same niche – That is a big thing I’ve learnt from this discussion so far so thanks everyone :)

@agent – Yes flyingsolo is a great example but in my strategy flyingsolo (a forum/blog/directory) would be on the same level as the web 2.0’s so my question is to boost flyingsolo in the beginning wouldn’t it be good to have links from web 2.0’s which have been juiced up by decent articles (spun with infographics, images, nice titles, etc) from directories, blogs, etc ?