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JohnW, post: 87693 wrote:
In response to this post, can I humbly suggest you read up a lot more about the Internet protocol, how SEs work and what Google has said about how they rank results.

You could waste an awful lot of your time attempting SEO without these basic understandings of how this medium works.

You can find every point of view supported on the Internet. I receive 14 newsletters per day, so I’ve probably seen more than most. First, you need to know who to believe…


Agree with John that it is a case of knowing who to believe – in my experience thought we cannot be using industry newsletters as gospel since they too are often filled with speculation. We only have to look at the Forbes
“Stick Google Plus Buttons On Your Pages, Or Your Search Traffic Dies” saga. My advice is yes look at the industry newsletters, look at the reports being made about the industry, look at the Google Announcements and their patents but take everything with a grain of salt.

Compare what you hear with your own tests and make your judgements then. Quite often, even some of the SEO gurus here have their own agendas.