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Netboost SEO, post: 87987 wrote:
It can work but it is kind of an expensive/time consuming way to to do things. But I guess it depends on how much money your money site makes.

I would suggest a few changes:

1.Money site MAKE SURE CONTENT IS HIGH QUALITY and there are NO spammy links directly pointing at it.

2.dummy domains (eg. scheap.com) + relevant contextual one-way links [pointing to money site] MAKE SURE THEY ARE ON DIFFERENT C CLASS IPs

3. multiple web 2.0 properties (you can comment, like and bookmark these at random to make them appear more natural) + quality articles + directory links [pointing to properties above]

4. randomized profile link blasting + mass spun auto approved articles + blog comments + social bookmarking [pointing to properties above]

5. more profile links [pointing to properties above]

For #3 do you use automated software to comment, bookmark & like or do you do manually with any I.P, does it matter ?

For #4 do you use xrummer, if not what do you use & why (i don’t think I’ll be using xrummer or atleast not yet).

#5 What do you mean by profile links do you just use a tool that automatically just generates all these profiles & attaches the links to them ?

Also Netboost have you used things like eBay profile links, gumtree links, etc ?

Thanks for the advice :)