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DreamscanbeVisions, post: 87420 wrote:
Hi everybody hope you’re all doing well.

I have a question as to who’s had experience in regards to using the following techniques to rank a website.

1. Create web pages with PM (phrase match) domains or close like (keyword)scheap.com.au. Then do all relevant on-page seo.

2. Use spun articles which have been semi-manually spun & using article marketing robot to mass submit to authoritative blogs, directories & web 2.0’s.

3. Have the anchor text links vary & link to different pages of youtube video, manually written hub pages, etc.

4. Link all of the latter web 2.0’s to the original website (keyword)scheap.com.au.

5. Have all of the web 2.0’s mass bookmarked & mass liked, commented, viewed, etc.

6. Link (keyword)scheap.com.au to money site.

Note* Proxies would’ve been used for the bookmarking,etc & the article syndication.

Rest, Rinse, Repeat. What do you guys think ?


I’m not going to judge what you are trying to do :) I’m sure you have your reasons, low time and money budgets etc. There are specific softwares that do this, expensive but much cheaper than writing a code to do what you want to do or doing the whole thing manually. I have a blog post on my blog about one of these softwares have a look here

Please watch the intro video before making a decision on buying the software, this is not for everyone, and can be more destructive to your rankings than anything if you don’t follow the clearly defined process.

P:S: I’m only showing you a software that can do what you want to do, doesn’t mean I recommend this software for SEO or I recommend your process for SEO :) You can rank for any keyword within 100 back links, if you Can get your hands on those 100 links, but its a slow process and manually done.