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agentlocal, post: 87566 wrote:
My two cents – we have seen over the last few years especially with Panda – Google cracking down on scraped and spun content. If a company has the intent to actually make a different and add something of value into the marketplace, this should be rewarded…not article spinners and the like.

Why aren’t business owners paying more attention in adding value to the marketplace with genuine input and ideas instead of polluting the online ecosystem with spam?

When the Yellow Pages book was relevant companies would game the directories by naming their business AAAWashingMachines etc…

It’s been happening for decades, and it’s rewarded.

Panda was a great update and article farms that have content that’s barely readable were punished, but re-purposing content isn’t a bad thing and if it’s done properly it can be very good actually.

When I look at my businesses I have clients that can find me in all sorts of places – there’s no way I could realistically achieve that much exposure without automating some of it. EG: Having my videos distributed automatically to 30+ video sites and spinning the titles which increases my opportunities to convert.

Regarding the initial post – yes all of those things are relevant and do work. Don’t use automated spinning without editing thoroughly, ensure it’s always highly readable.