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I quite like the look of the website, simple and uncluttered. I have two young children so went to the kids section. There looked to be a lot of stuff for babies in the “for young ones” (and quite good things too) but I couldn’t see anything that would be for my pre-schooler, a 3.5 year old. People without kids of the required age struggle to know what to buy. A real value added service within your “for young ones” page could be having sections for each age group e.g. 0-1, 2-4 etc to take all the researching out of the gift buying; I’d use such a website. I have a 2 year old party tomorrow and will buy the tea-set I’ve been buying all 2-3 year olds for their birthdays. But I have 4 year old birthdays coming up in January and have no idea what to buy them – a website such as yours with a 4-5 year old section could be really good. If you were to go such a way, I’d ditch the “arts and crafts for the expressive child” and incorporate it in the different kid’s age group categories.