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B Cooper
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Gifts Galore, post: 87470 wrote:
Hi Nick,
Thank you for your constructive criticism. It is good idea which I’ll probably do at a later time. But at the moment I don’t have the kind off money to invest into this site.
I do need to learn more about SEO. I only started this website 3 days ago and thats when i first ever heard of SEO.
Thank you for your help.

Hi there,

It actually costs next to nothing to set up your own website, about $7.50 for a domain name (.com) or $24 for a .com.au domain name (you’ll need an ABN if you choose .com.au) – and about $24 per 6 months for website hosting.

Then you can install WordPress (it’s free) – and purchase a nice theme for around $40. So for well under $100, you could have an absolutely fantastic website up and running. This would require some time and effort on your behalf in regard to learning how to build a WordPress website – but it would be worth it.

Good luck! :)