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Good to see you are testing Nominal. Yes an image can make a big difference. In our caricature business we often do art for websites to have characters that fit the profile of the target market. See the side menu pages here

Part of the high conversion rates of those amazing sites comes from repeat sales to the same customer. Many of those sites engage in well-planned and ongoing email communication with deals and specials. PLUS they offer excellent customer satisfaction.

As an example, I was researching to providers of virtually identical products to include in my online mall.

One treated returns, customer enquiry and other matters after the sale with what I would term distain. A form had to be completed for returns, this would be assessed within 7 days… etc (This from reading the terms and conditions). The other site was like a breath of fresh air in comparison…. This matter alone would have a great impact on conversions.

Then there is a third…..I would love to know their conversion rate – they offer Free shipping, Free returns, (yes they pay the return postage), Refund or use for another purchase. This is a shoe retailer, so they encourage you to buy them, get them delivered and send back the ones that don’t fit…totally online buying barriier breakdown. So if you have a size 9 foot, you could buy 8.5, 9.9.5 and then send back the ones that don’t fit….too easy Do you think they would have a high conversion rate for even first time customers? I think so and by follow-up marketing they can exponentially leverage that percentage as well.