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Of course they have done the headline, image, offer testing – and why not, these aspects can make a significant difference to be termed minor tactical changes.

But buyer restistance ramains the key issue overall – so the fear/concern free sales funnel must be optimised – that is a huge challenge!!

Tony Pfitzner, post: 87639 wrote:
You also need to look at the various channels – e.g. PPC versus organic, Google versus Yahoo or Bing, direct URL entry etc. and keywords. Work on the channels and keywords that return the best ROI.

With your testing of conversion/landing pages you need to look past minor tactical changes such as a headline, an image or the colour of a button, and try some radical changes in strategy. Have a look at some websites in the US that are advertising heavily on Google and are in your industry and see if you can get some strategic clues as to how they structure their landing pages.
If they are advertising heavily it often means they have good conversion, otherwise they would not find it cost effective.

To view Google search results as they are seen in the US market just do the search then add&gl=us[/CODE] to the URL in the address bar and reload the page.[CODE]&gl=us[/CODE] to the URL in the address bar and reload the page.