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In all honesty, this one is already starting to feel the effects of blatantly self-promoting, completely self-interested “professionals” who only come on here to blow their own horn about how awesome they are at things like SEO and web design and offer little more to a conversation other than promoting their own businesses.

Even their bloody questions are simply postbait with titles like “Who thinks a website is important to your business?” and they open the post with “I sure do! I’m Bill of TechDesignSEO Consulting, and we just so happen to do websites!”

It’s too hard to wade through the bullshit to find quality people with quality posts these days, which is why I’m a bit scarce. I feel bad, being that I was one of the original 80 or so they invited into this forum but, just like much of Teh Interwebs these days, it’s getting really hard to sort the quality from the crap.

Bless ’em though, the crew here are friggin’ ACES, and I’d be hard-pressed to find better in the world (they already PWN here in Oz).