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Peter – FS Administrator
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Hey Judd!!
Always great to see you around these parts!! We’ve noticed your reduced presence :( The streets are safest around here when you’re in town.

So there’s good news :)

Jexley, post: 87499 wrote:
Bless ’em though, the crew here are friggin’ ACES, and I’d be hard-pressed to find better in the world (they already PWN here in Oz).

And there’s bad news…

Jexley, post: 87499 wrote:
It’s too hard to wade through the bullshit to find quality people with quality posts these days, which is why I’m a bit scarce. I feel bad, being that I was one of the original 80 or so they invited into this forum but, just like much of Teh Interwebs these days, it’s getting really hard to sort the quality from the crap.

We love getting feedback (especially stuff we need to fix up) but it’s concerning that you’re getting that feeling about things getting more promotional. As one of the originals you’ll have a great sense of how it’s evolved. Moderating self-promotion is something we’ve focused on trying to balance since day one to maintain the value of the posts without diluting the networking benefits of getting involved. Perhaps this is something we need to tighten up further, especially as we get more posters.

We’re going to get into a huddle next week and review our processes around this. As always we’d love to hear input from you and others either publicly or by PM with input.

I’ve actually been filling in for Jayne’s as main moderator this week so perhaps I need to pull on bigger boots and start kicking in doors and taking names!

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Peter (and the other ones)