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Have to admit to feeling a bit like Mr Jexley. I do a fair amount of crusin around the posts these days and not much commenting. Lately ive been wondering if it’s worth wading through too many posts every day. Not sure whether it’s that I don’t see much to comment on (have all the BIG questions already been dealt with?) or maybe there is something in the thought of offered help becoming more like something for ME!

Of course any endeavour will change direction over time and it is certainly true any organisation will go through a cycle from initial vision to something usually quite different to it’s beginnings. At that point it is either reborn by new vision or stagnates/goes off with a bang or a fizzle.

I do notice many original posters are just not around these days, or at least not showing their faces much. I would suggest you have a case of 2 levels here. The “old hands” and the “new hands”. Not that there is much of a difference in experience/knowledge etc.. Just simply a case of been there done that!

I made the suggestion once before that there may be a need for something like a master class level here (putting it in very general terms only). the sense here is that if you do not cater for that level then people just wander off. When that happens you suddenly realise your support base has drastically changed.