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Keeta, post: 87539 wrote:
Wow. I think I’ve started something here.
You did, you totally did. Heh.

Really, I think this is something that’s been bubbling under the surface for many of us, but because of our respect and appreciation for the FS crew, we didn’t want to seem as if we were pissin’ on their parade.

From my perspective (only one I got), I’m sick of seeing the 4-post wonders come in and spread complete f*ckery all over this beautiful forum. I grew sick of the only-slightly-knowledgable-but-it’s-new-so-I-can-fake-it SEO shysters flying in and out and dropping in their 2 cents on weeks-old threads too. Some of ’em are even nice enough guys, but after a while, it just gets tiring trying to filter out the drool from the cool.

Also, having no real suggestions for solutions (other than Aidan’s, which makes perfect sense, and I may have suggested before) I don’t feel comfortable just cryin’ about my beloved forum going to the dogs.

I reckon these folks have done a friggin’ amazing job, and when they advertised that role for an Admin, I remember thinking that somebody’d have to be pretty fkn excellent to do well at it, and I couldn’t imagine a better job than our SmileyJayne.

But still, this website, this forum, this community, is growing fast, and things that grow fast tend to get growing pains.

So yeah, FS CREW, I LOVE YOU GUYS. Lemme know if I can help on anything.