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Firstly, let me say that I love FS and I’ve gained so much information, advice and insight, that I could never have imagined when I first joined. I’ve got to admit though that I’ve been less inclined to comment or contribute over the past few weeks.

I still jump on every day and check out the new posts, but there seems to be fewer stimulating threads. Perhaps that’s actually me and, as Peppie said, having seen most of the topics previously discussed, the original enthusiasm for something new dwindles.

My biggest gripe is the first time posters who ask the same questions that have already been covered ten times over, without going through the search function first. But again, it’s new for them as it was for me, and maybe this is all part of the natural cycle of being part of a forum.

I love being able to post and getting a laugh from so many of you (as well as a few “OMG are they for real?!?!)

Have a great weekend everyone !!

Wendy :)