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Samith, post: 87497 wrote:
1. What needs reviewing?
I would really like to hear your suggestions on the customer journey, if you were to build a new site with us, what would you like to see on the site other than what we have already? More sample works, pricing, etc.

4. What specific concerns do you have?
a. The main concern is the instant quote form, we had a lot of discussions about this internally and finally improved it to what is on the site at the moment.

b. Do we talk too much about technology or too little? This is the second concern, we build website with different technologies Magento,Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc.


Hi Samith

Keeping in mind I am not expert when it comes to web design and development so my ‘thoughts’ might not even be possible!

What would I like to see more of? – Price information. It does not seem that you have any indication (sorry if I have missed it) on your pricing? Everywhere directs me to your ‘instant quote’, which gives me the option of a budget under $500 to select but I am not sure whether that budget is possible or a default drop down list of some form? I think some general information about cost could go up with out frightening off people or without locking you into fixed prices.. even if you were to say “starting from…” or “websites for under $….”

I think that the samples you have included in the portfolio are fine/enough for me to get an idea of your work.

Contact Us page doesn’t seem to have a phone number? Your flash/banner on the home page says things like “Talk to us….” – this is hard to do without a phone number?


a) the instant quote form

I like the idea of an ‘instant’ quote (assuming of course it’s instant :)) – I don’t like being required to put my phone number in to anything online though and that has put me off in all honesty even submitting it now to ‘test’ and see how I like it for the purposes of this post. This (for me anyway) could be overcome if there was some information about what you will/won’t do with my details. At the moment there’s no info to assure me that I am not going to end of on mailing lists/phone lists etc.

By the way – I clicked on your Privacy Policy link to see if that would tell me your policy on using my phone/email address but it’s not going anywhere, just back to the top of the page.

Do you talk too much/too little about technology? I think it’s probably the ‘right’ amount. The information I read was clear and I understood your explanations. Perhaps, if possible you can link the icons at the foot of your pages for your “recommended” technologies straight to some info about them? Just a thought in case people want quick navigation to the information?

As I said, I am not an expert so just my 2c from a consumer/visitor point of view – hope it’s helpful.

All the best,