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Samith, post: 87823 wrote:
Thanks heaps Jacqui,

It looks much more legit now, I can really see how that little change affect our conversions, we have already improved our conversion rate for today, thanks a lot for your genuine review.

Next steps is to create 4 different landing pages for the four technologies that we recommend and get our hands on a 1300 number. I’m working on that this week.

If you fancy an Adwords coupon as an appreciation, please let me know :) I got heaps to giveaway (but can only use on new Adwords accounts)

Hi Samith – I think the pages for the technologies will be a great addition once time allows you to get to those!

Re the 1300 Number – if it’s of any interest, we have an ongoing ‘co promotion’ with a Telco company that covers 1300 numbers – specifically –

“1300 Numbers Free connection, free access for 12 months and $12.50 access per month thereafter. (Telstra charge $25 per month for this!)” – If you are interested, please let me know your email address and I will have the company contact you directly (Oracle Telecom) – needs to come through our office for the above offer to apply.

Re the adwords voucher – thanks a lot for the offer. We already run an adwords account so wouldn’t be applicable to us – thanks all the same :)