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You have lots of energy and enthusiasm and congratulations on that. Any new venture that is worth pursuing will take an extraordinary amount of effort, sacrifice and time to be successful. Also you are doing a Masters degree which is a big commitment. So I admire what you are trying and congratulations on giving it a good go.

Now my advise which is purely based on having your sort of enthusiam when I was in my 20s and have now meandered my way to the wrong side of 40:

Get your study done first. Unless your business overlaps with the study, ie: a course assignment can be incorporated into your business activity, then let it slide for a while. You may think that that you have the newest, greatest business idea. That if you don’t get it done now then someone else will come and steal your fortune. But really, business is not about the ‘big idea’ it is about executing a plan. There will always be ideas and as the web develops the number of different business opportunities just keeps growing and evolving. So even if you kick back for a few years and enjoy your young years while finishing your studies you are not wasting your time. You will come out of it with a marketable qualification and some useful knowledge.

Life is not a race so there is no need to burn yourself out in your formative years. When I was in my late 20s I spent nearly a year living under tarpaulin, teaching scuba diving on a remote island in Central America. I didn’t get paid, I didn’t get a qualification but I sure look back on it with fondness. I stepped out of western society for a whole year. There is no way I could do that now. So I would have really regretted throwing myself into nothing but study, work and business in my 20s and missing what I believe added immeasurably to my character.

Now if you really want to be the next Bill Gates, then ditch your study and throw yourself into the business.