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I second the above post. Get your study done first. I know it is awfully hard to have to put off your great idea for a while but how long have you got to go with your degree? a couple of years? that is really not a long time.
The last thing you want to do is to burn yourself out and then lose passion for both your study and your dream. Believe me, you will still have your choices and maybe even more options when you graduate.

I know someone well into her 40s who is going for her second masters while working full time and the more study she does the more options, and career offers, she gets. She is always being headhunted because she is top of her studies. I admire her greatly but can’t understand how she copes with all the work.
I am no suggesting that you want to look at working for someone else but I know that sometimes study can offer you new directions which will help your dreams in the future. The future will always be waiting for you so there is no need to hurry even though the waiting will be very difficult.

Just my advice but I’m sure you will do well with all that passion no matter what you choose to do.