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I suppose I didn’t say in post all that I should have. I would never advise study for studies sake, or just to get a job working for someone else if you don’t want to, but as someone who left school at 16 as soon as I was legally allowed to I always wished I had some more study behind me just to give more directions and opportunities for the future. It can be hard to get back into study if you stop and once I was working for myself there was never the time or commitment to take up more study.
A couple more years is no time and if you have a passion to work for yourself it never goes away. If the OP finishes his study he gives his tutoring business more legitimacy in my opinion.
I know from others experience that study gives more directions and opportunities that you can’t see at the moment. There are a few people who left school early and made it big, but you never hear of the vast majority who worked just as hard but couldn’t get anywhere near their dreams.