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agentlocal, post: 87560 wrote:
I think it should be on a case by case basis – if an issue from a year ago all of a sudden becomes pertinent now – sometimes it is useful to reference older topics. Also from experience sometimes I start forum topics only to be alerted by the forum admins that the same conversation is going on in another part of the forum and for quite some time.

Totally agree.

I have on a number of occasions seen threads replied to after months for legitimate reasons.
New members join and feel they have something to offer an older discussion or find themselves in a similar position to that of the original issue/question and require further clarification.
Locked threads would only invite multiple new threads duplicating former discussion where the latest thread starter would be (kindly) told to use the search function as there are many threads the same already. They get there and they’re all locked.
Vicious cycle. :)

I actually think there is nothing worse than being on a forum where you feel you can offer something to an older discussion only to find it has been locked.

Blatant self promotion should be reported as spam in any instance in my opinion. Old or current threads.