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As you know our little team work hard and speedily to remove offending posts so with your generous support and vigilance we should be fine to keep things clean.

But this is the rub, spam can linger and a small team is just that with the restrictions that having a few people imposes, but it is a big community. While the forum offer little or no commercial value to FS I can understand that there will not be the manpower on staff to keep things clean enough that has seen the rise in suggestions of alternatives lately.

This is where perhaps the options are:
1. Have a staff member who is more dedicated (not in commitment but in resource allocation) to monitoring posts and not just reports.
2. Implement some of the previous suggestions made, such as voting powers for spam removal
3. More community capacity to make use of vetted forum members to be able to move stuff offline if they feel it warrants this, for subsequent final action by admin (back to point 1.) On another forum where I was a mod then admin, we had four people who did this role, on active forums you need this many.

4. Also tightening up the registration process based on IP address, to stop overseas posters.

Just my thoughts and I understand that the forum may not be the uppermost item on the FS business agenda.