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B Cooper
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Hey Helen,

Wow, that’s a lot of planning. I congratulate you on sticking to it! All I can say Helen, is that there are going to be a lot more expenses than you first realize. The best thing you can do know, if find out what you don’t know, discover possible expenses that you haven’t thought of yet. FlyingSolo will definitely help you out in this area.

I’d recommend posting a two paragraph summary of what you’ve just described, as people will be more willing to answer shorter questions.

Once you think you’ve discovered all of the expenses that you’ll need to consider, find the weekly (or monthly) total of expenses. Then plus the amount of profit you would need to make in order for you to comfortably keep the business running. Usually the next step would be to divide that total by the product cost – however this may be difficult in your situation, so perhaps divide it by the average amount of money that you think you would make from each customer.

What you’re left with, is the amount of customers you need per week. Is it feasible? If so, you can start to figure out how your going to perform your marketing. Newspaper advertising? Website? Etc..

I hope that helps Helen, and good luck in with you venture! :)