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Keeta, post: 87610 wrote:
One step before this… have you conducted market research to confirm that there is actually a need for this service in your local area?

To a degree I believe i have. This area currently has no play centres at all, only 1 in a close neighbouring suburb, and 2 a further 20 minute or so drive away. Since most of the ppl using a play centre are those that live within a 15 – 20 min drive (comfortable distance for parents with young kids to make regular visits), these further 2 centres will probably be too far away to consider serious competition. I think the reason there are none there so far is that they require a special facility – big – and this area is fairly residential with no places large enough. Until now. Big warehouse style buildings are starting to move in directly bordering the suburbs i would like to target.
Further to that, the area has a STACK of kids. Council demographic information shows a large number of kids, especially kids under 4, in the area. This is also forecast to just keep growing. Its one of those areas that are really attracting young families, so i believe a kids entertainment business should do well.

This is as far as my market research has gone, and honestly since i really am new at this im still learning, and could really use some more pointers as to what would be good market research to do to support my idea?

Thank you everyone who posted!