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Tony Pfitzner, post: 87658 wrote:
I guess you mean the same font size.

I am not a Google engineer, but would be extremely surprised if font style, size or anything else had any effect whatsoever. There are many ways that you can accent a header besides changing font style or size e.g. background, underline, color etc.

The Googlebot would only be looking at the h1, h2 etc tags.

(The things to avoid would be to set the font color the same as the background or using a display:none to hide the text for SEO purposes – I don’t think Google would pick up either of these now but who’s to say what will happen in the future. )

Hi Tony,

Thanks very much for the re-assurance as I don’t see why google may penalize or devalue header tags because they were different fonts but I know what you mean with changing the text colour etc.

Thanks again!