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RachelI, post: 87774 wrote:
Yes, I also think that $199 is probably a bit low.

I don’t do too many websites for businesses these days (mainly just any I pick up through word of mouth), but I usually charge around $500 for a simple, 5 page WP based site. I usually find that businesses are very happy with this price, expecting it would be quite a lot higher.

Another thing to keep in mind, is you often find that the customers who want to pay the least are a lot more hassle & more demanding than those that are happy to pay more. By doing sites for $199, you’ll probably end up attracting more of those customers that expect the world, but don’t want to pay much!


Thanks, $500 for a simple WP website is alot of money, for not alot of work either! And that is true, the customers who go for the cheapest do seem to be the most hassle.

Really appreciate your feedback