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Webfunk, post: 0 wrote:
Hey Nick,

Congratz on the new website…looks good, nice and simple.

Good idea to raise the price a bit…don’t want to sell yourself too low or else you will de-value your business. Do you make the sites based on templates or do you create the wordpress themes from scratch?

Also, how come having a logo design takes a minimum of 4 days whereas the whole website only takes 2? Just curious…

Good luck with it all!
site based on templates, much easier like that, especially with the built in framework.

logo design is alot of back and forth. With the web design, I get all the information in one go, colour scheme, page content, etc and it’s ready to be implemented. Now that I think about it, 2 days may be a little misleading because you do have the back and forth communication with designing websites.. hmm thanks for pointing that out!