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JacquiPryor, post: 88150 wrote:
Hi Nick,

Am a bit late to this thread so only just looked around your site. Agree that the $399 price, rather than $199 may offer credibility.

Also, assume you are Akitso Web Development? at the Australian address? With “parent” or “sister” company in USA? – Along with the ABN you need to register the business name at least in ACT… at this time, there’s no way of really figuring out who the business is or is behind the business in Australia, which might be off putting to some. Maybe even a phone number/email contact for the Australian arm of the business? – If I, in Australia, was to become a customer I would prefer doing the business with you also in Australia but the contact details (apart from mailing you a letter) don’t seem to allow that?

Just my 2c – all the best :)

Business is being registered and a .au domain will be set up shortly which will feature an aussie phone number and prices.

Thanks for your input