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The “product” being sold here is “trust”.

The best way to create trust is to become an authority.

Obviously, the public has no frame of reference for your client and this creates an instant headache for anyone trying to take on this kind of project.

One of the best ways to gain authority quickly from someone who knows nothing about what you do is to position yourself as someone that they already have an existing frame of reference for that they already trust.

Probably the ultimate example of this is a doctor. The doctor doesn’t need to prove anything to his/her patient he doesn’t need to educate you, he doesn’t even need to get you to like him but you still trust him and don’t argue with his “prescription”.

So one of the major strategies I’d be doing if I were managing this client is I’d be looking for ways to connect my client with “doctor status”…maybe not explicitly but my implied messaging.

For example you mentioned that you have to have a pass rate of 80% or above which is another way of saying that X amount of people didn’t cut the mustard, they were not able to achieve this “certificate of trust/authority”.

This implies that we (client) don’t just hand these things out to everybody, unlike those “OTHER” associations who hand their stuff out to rogues.

Not anyone can practice medicine you have to go through a lot of stuff first and even more stuff if you’re a specialist.

Anyway if I got a job like this one I’d be asking “how can I create authority as fast as possible in a way that can go largely unchallenged by the public?”