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Burgo, post: 87721 wrote:
Yep, something along those lines.

Although there is a certificate issued, this organisation offers accreditation.
To attain their certificate you have to be very good at what you do, not every attendee gets it, and the examination requires an 80% pass mark.
Accreditation within our industry is almost impossible to attain.
Even my association Individual Cleaners can’t offer accreditation
The Cleaning & Hygiene Council is looking at Accreditation, through training and being a member of CHCA’s steering committee I am seeing workable unbrella organisation coming all together……very exciting.

However part of my contract will be to gain public exposure, and acceptance.
It is early days yet, and it will be a few weeks before I can get my teeth into it.

A few 21st century ideas may help, as all my training was done last century.
Gee that sounds like Im bloody old hahahahaha.

So any thoughts will be appreciated.

Accreditation with no public knowledge, little to no budget and in a poor economic time sounds like you’re going to be flogging a dead horse. I’d turn down this wonderful ‘opportunity’ personally.

I remember the Quality Assurance debarcle – no government tender would be issued to a company without it – what happened? Government didn’t care at the end of the day and a lot of companies spent millions on a stupid paper trail that in the end did nothing.

Do you see those ticks anywhere anymore? And there was great public awareness of that campaign.

If the general public aren’t aware of ‘cleaning certification ABC’ are they going to even care if a cleaner has any kind of certification?