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If the general public aren’t aware of ‘cleaning certification ABC’ are they going to even care if a cleaner has any kind of certification?

I am afraid I do not know about the industry of cleaning. and I am not sure what market you are targeting or rather the cleaners you are targeting- are these cleaners cleaning businesses or homes (ie the small stuff) when it comes to cleaning my home personally I would not care much for a certificate or a grand diploma in cleaning expertise, it doesn’t hold much impact with regards to if I would do business with a certified cleaner or not, however that is coming from someone who is in an industry with many certificates all of which mean nothing as to the quality of the service provider.

I think it would be expensive to get the word out on why the certificate is important unless it also had something to do with being environmentally friendly and then there are many ways you can get additional exposure- heck if your friends with John laws you have an advantage most of us don’t have- use it- (don’t abuse it) but use it. and if you like you can introduce me to John Laws :)